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A bit of history about fat-bike

A bit of history about fat-bike


At the beginning there was the bicycle, then legend has it that, someone called Joe Breeze, in the late 1970s decided it was time to explore new routes, to create all-terrain bikes, ready to scout new road and trails, both up and down the mountains. The first mountain bikes were born. In the 1980s mtbs arrived in shops and in no time became a mass phenomenon.

From 2015 fat bikes has gained a substantial market share. They should consider as the further evolution of mtb: an off-road bicycle with oversized tires designed to allow riding as “floating” on soft, unstable terrain, such as snow, sand, bogs and mud.

Although early versions of fat-tired bikes were probably built on a limited basis as long ago as the early 1900s, the first modern versions were not developed until the 1980s by Alaskan frame builders, that began experimenting with custom components and configurations designed to achieve a large contact patch of tire on snow. Early versions of the fat bike were created by created by Simon Rakower in Fairbanks, Alaska in the early 1990s. They were normal mountain bikes equipped with SnowCat rims: multiple tires seated on two or three standard rims that had been welded or pinned together.

Simultaneously, in New Mexico Ray Molina was exploring new terrain riding sand dunes and arroyos.

In 2005 the Surly Pugsley, a bicycle company based in Bloomington Minnesota, changed the scene dramatically, providing mtb with large volume tires to all bike shops worldwide.

As Andrea Panizza, founder of Fat bike Emotion, says: “oversized tires allow more stability and control of the bike. But also, adventurous riders who want to explore deep into the backcountry, should remember to call a guide. I’d say we can’t be too careful!!

While fat bikes are capable of extreme all-terrain conquest, thanks to their wide tires that can be used for smooth ride over rough obstacles, they also entice riders with their go-anywhere capacities on a more local scale.

Nowadays riding a fat bike is within everyone’s reach! There is a bike for everyone…

Every Wednesday new adventures await you on a 2 hours tour. Get ready to live an experience full of challenges and fun!!

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We are in one of the most amazing National Park, Stelvio National Park. Surrender by over 130.000 hectares of wild land to discover and enjoy hiking in the foothills or riding your mountain bike all through the trails out in the nature.


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A day on the snow riding a bike? Good idea!

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A bit of history about fat-bike

A bit of history about fat-bike

Officially, the first fat bikes were born in 1989 from the project of Simon Rakower, a basic entrepreneur in Alaska.

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